Hostessen/ Hosts

Hostessen/ HostsIn case of events and meetings, it is very important to rely on the wide experience and personal engagement of hostesses and hosts.
Our ladies and gentlemen are not only good-looking but also have very good manners and behave professionally.

Type of service

  • exhibitions
  • company anniversaries
  • VIP-guest service and gala
  • conferences, congresses and seminars
  • general meetings
  • public events
  • performances 
  • your presentations
  • festivals
  • etc.

Service profile

Hostesses und Hosts

  • reception
  • accreditation
  • taking care of guests and giving information
  • transport accompanying
  • wardrobe service
  • catalogue distribution
  • arranging appointments


  • pre- and aftercare operations
  • organisation on-site
  • coordination
  • taking care of guests
  • staff management


Taking personal care of
  • VIP-guests
  • artists
  • politicians
  • executive directors
  • etc.

Hostesses speaking foreign languages

  • taking care of international guests throughout Germany and abroad


  • service staff
  • bar staff
  • cooks and cooking helpers   


  • building and dismantling
  • reconstruction