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Company registration number: HRB 238062

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1. Contents of online offer 
The content of the Agentur OTeam GmbH website was thoroughly processed and revised.
Agentur OTeam GmbH, the service provider, does not accept any responsibility for the correctness, completeness or quality of this information.
Any complaints against the service provider made on behalf of incorrect usage of information leading to material or non-material loss are not valid, as long as it is not possible to prove that this loss occurred owing to her irresponsible actions.
Every offer is without engagement and without obligation. Agentur OTeam GmbH reserves herself the right to change, complete and remove either parts of the website or the whole offer and to adjust their publication.

2. References and links - restriction declaration
If there is a direct or indirect reference to unknown web sites (links) with unlawful contents, which are not within the range of the responsibility of the service provider, he is liable only if he knows about the contents and has the technical know-how which enables him to prevent the use of this information. No complaints can be made on behalf of contents and the correctness of links directly or indirectly mentioned in the content of this website. Responsibility for the contents of linked websites belongs to their administrators.
The author states explicitly that at the time of launching this website no illegal contents of the linked websites are known. The author has no influence on future arrangement, content or authorization of the linked websites. Therefore, he dissociates himself from all the contents of the sites that were changed after launching this website.

This statement applies to all of the links and references presented in external entries added to guestbook’s, discussion forums, lists of related links, mailing lists and in all other forms of database to which there is external access. In case of illegal, incorrect and incomplete contents, especially in case of damage caused by using this kind of information, not the person   who posted the link but the administrator of the website must take responsibility.

3. Copyright and logo protecting right 
The author is obliged to respect the copyright of all the pictures, graphics, audio documents, videos and texts used in his publications , he is allowed to use his own pictures, graphics, audio documents, videos and texts or to use pictures, graphics, audio documents, videos and texts that are license free. Unless copyright is broken, Agentur OTeam GmbH will remove the appropriate object/ product offer after a written notification.
 All the trademarks and tradenames listed on the website, some of which may be protected by a third party, are subject to the actual logo protecting right and the copyright of the actual registered owner.
It is not possible to draw a conclusion that due to the name, trademarks are not protected by a third party! 
The copyright for  published objects created by the author himself  are kept by the author of the website only. Duplications or use of this kind of pictures, graphics, audio documents, videos, designs in other online or printed publications and texts without formal permission of the author are restricted.

4. Data protection
In case of the possibility to enter personal or business data ( E-Mail address, name, address ) on the website, these disclosure of the datas occuve voluntarily by the user.
As far as possible from technical aspect, utilization and payment of all the offered services are also possible without this kind of data entry, respectively with the entry of anonymized data or nickname.  The use of contact data published within the purview of imprint or comparable entries, like post address, telephone number, fax number or E-Mail  address by a third party for the purpose of sending information that was not requested, is restricted. Legal actions against the sender of the so called spam-mails in case of breaking this rule are reserved.

5. Efficiency of this liability exclusion
This liability exclusion should be treated as a part of the internet offer that reffered to this website. Provided parts or individual  formulations of this text do not correspond with the legal position anymore, the content and validity of the remaining parts of the document remain  unchanged. The copyright of this disclaimer for internet websites can now be transmitted without any changes, cancellations or additions.